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IT is common knowledge that beneath every human advancement or improvement lies some unwanted or less profitable situation which the minds that achieved such advancement or improvement were determined to replace.

For instance, those who developed these faster-moving transportation equipment that we have today, such as, the motor-vehicle, the train, the airplane, etc; surely were determined to change the unprofitable situation of wastage of man-hours and man-power (inter-alia) travelling by sea in ships, or on foot, bicycles, donkeys, etc. 

Going down memory lane, we remember, for instance, the days before the early 1960’s, when the River Niger bridge (bridging the river between Asaba and Onitsha) was commissioned. Prior to this time, motor vehicles travelling to Lagos or other parts of the West from Onitsha and vice-versa with their wares could remain days at the Inland Water Ways Department Ferry decks, waiting to be ferried from Onitsha to Asaba or vice-versa. It is certainly such a situation (among numerous others) that led to the development of bridge-building across rivers, gullies, etc; in civil engineering. So, it can be said that the minds responsible for all our present-day advancement in science and technology and other fields were motivated by some unwanted situations, which they determined to change.

As it is with humans, so it is with God in some matters. After the deluge of Noah’s time, which took away all flesh off the then world (excepting Noah and his family), and the subsequent human replenishment through them, the Lord did not still get that individual or communal relationship He wanted with mankind. Rather, what was on ground was that arrogant and senseless idolatry of the world of the Canaanites, the Hittites, the Amorites, etc; notwithstanding that “that which may be known of God was manifest in them, for God had showed it to them through His visible creation that they saw (and were convinced by)” (Rom. 1:19-20). It was this very detestable situation that God was bent on changing, hence calling the man Abram out of his father’s house, kindred and country into the country of the Canaanites and the rest. He (God) must establish an ideal individual relationship with Him, as well as an ideal communal relationship with his descendants — the Hebrews, in due course.

It is in this perspective of “a detestable situation motivating the development of some strategies and facilities to achieve an acceptable one that we must see the Lord’s ordering of Logos International Secondary Schools and the immediate establishment of the pioneer of such schools six and half years ago. In other words, it was the prevalence of some very detestable situation that developed in this country’s juvenile and educational fronts (resulting from total breakdown in all fronts) that prompted the Lord’s ordering that Logos International Secondary Schools be established by the Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement to arrest the situation.

At this point, it is necessary that the word “Logos” be defined and it’s implication in Logos International Secondary Schools stated. Logos (Greek) means, God’s word. The implication is that these Schools were ordered by the word of the Lord, hence Logos International Secondary Schools. Truly they were. Six and a half years ago, precisely early 1994, the Lord revealed to one of our ministers who himself is an Area Inspector of Education (till date) that the Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement build these schools. No sooner had the said minister communicated this vision to the General Superintendent of the Movement, the writer of this booklet, than the confirmation was given by the Spirit of God to him, instructing that the pioneer school be commenced September of same year. In absolute obedience to God’s word, the school took off October 1994.

Logos International Secondary Schools (LOGISS), Imo State, Nigeria.

This introduction will not be deemed complete without defining the title of this book, “God’s Programme with Logos International Secondary Schools”. In construction technology, a programme is defined as a schedule showing times and sequences of operations or activities, with the requirements in materials and labour to achieve a defined objective. It follows therefore that “God’s programme with Logos International Secondary Schools” means, ” a record of sequences of operations/activities with the requirements in labour and materials to achieve God’s defined objective, namely, ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE AND GODLINESS OF THE YOUTH”, through Logos International Secondary Schools”.

Now, hereunder is an outline of the Lord’s defined objective as contained in His programme with Logos Schools.

  1. To make quality secondary school education affordable to all and sundry

  2. To facilitate academic excellence in the matter of secondary school education and godliness in the multitudes of the youths that will attend Logos schools.

  3. To challenge and change the statusquo of examination malpractices and like vices at both secondary and tertiary levels.

  4. To produce undergraduates that will challenge and spoil the monster of cultism which the devil has hitherto used to spoil many a Nigerian youth and many institutions of higher learning.

  5. To produce professionals in all fields that are worth their onions to fill up the gaps created by “big certificate but empty brain”, as well as those created by the brain-drain of recent years due to the adverse political and economic situations that were created through mismanagement of the nations resources and the devilish politics of men of corrupt minds.

  6. To produce men and women, not only armed with expertise in their different fields, but also with the knowledge of the Lord that will facilitate extra-ordinary discoveries/inventions of this millennium, thereby improving the lot of the people in this part of the world.

  7. To produce men and women who, through conscientious work and the keeping of ethics will restore the bastardized dignity of the professions.

  8. To produce men and women, who through the training they received will reach out to others in need.

In the matter of godliness of the youth, testimonies abound as to what the Lord has done in the lives of many who are currently attending or who attended LOGISS. What of the aspect of challenging and changing the statusquo of examination malpractices and associated vices? During the last WAEC and NECO senior school certificate examinations, those WAEC and NECO officials that came to LOGISS for supervision were stunned as to what they saw. They wondered whether it was a Nigerian school certificate examination centre, as no student wanted to know what the other was doing. Every body was confidently on his/her own. These are the remarkable beginning of great things to come.

Logos International Secondary Schools programme is the real programme, being masses’ oriented, not elite or profit-oriented.

SOMEONE may ask, “how will this great vision as outlined be fulfilled?” We have no business speculating on the details of how the programme will be accomplished. This is because those that do know their God will be strong (in their hearts) and will do exploits (through their God) (Daniel 11:32). Moses did not know the details of how Israel was going to leave Egypt. All he needed was to believe God whose project it was and then to listen to the instructions God would give him and to proceed to execute same. Joshua too did not have the details of how an expressway was going to be created across river Jordan at the instance the information on their crossing to Jericho was given. He too only needed to believe God and go for the instructions as to what to do at every point and to proceed to execute such instructions.

The Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement, being God’s battle axe for the hour has received the Lord’s instruction to build Logos International Secondary Schools and in obedience, one has been built while others are on the way. It is really surprising what the Lord can do.

As for the achievement of the motto of academic excellence and godliness of the youth while in LOGISS, every hand is on the deck — the conscientious and sacrificial work of Christian tutorial staff, supported by that of non-tutorial staff, and the ministry of God’s world and Spirit at the hands of result oriented pastoral staff.

As for the other aspects of the vision, there is no cause for alarm or for unbelief. He that designed it did so to execute it. He will surely continue to roll out in their sequence items of operations or activities through which all the objectives will be fulfilled.

As for the funds for the execution of the entire project, meanwhile, He has instructed us to launch “LOGOS FOUNDATION”. He will see to it that the funds come in. He has promised to prosper us and to bless all that will identify with this programme.